When both of my daughters began talking about social media a couple of years ago, I told them both that they could use different social apps with my supervision. At the time, they agreed. However, they have both become rather sneaky lately. This led me to begin using a handy Snapchat hack app so that I can keep an eye on them both while they use that app. Things are not as simple as they were back in the 70s and 80s, and I truly believe that every parent needs to pay attention to what their kids are doing today.

I remember how good it was just to be a kid when I was growing up. I got to play outside all day after school and all throughout holiday breaks. Television wasn’t something that most people sat in front of hour after hour on a daily basis. People went outside. For many hours, kids climbed trees, played in the sprinkler, rode bikes, read books and more. But today, many kids spend almost all of their time inside and spend many hours staring at and poking at their cell phones. Physical activity is much rarer for young people these days.

My girls are like most children today in that they are obsessed with a variety of different social apps. Both of them changed their passwords on their favorite one, and I could see that they both hoped that I would not notice. I did notice, and that’s why I got the hack app that lets me get into their accounts. I use it several times per week to read their messages and make sure they’re not getting into trouble. I have also been telling my kids to leave their phones in the house while they go outside to our backyard for 2 hours per day to simply play, stay active and have fun. They complained at first, but now they look forward to going outside each day.