I learned to bake wonderful things when visiting my grandmother as a child and teen. Prior to her passing away, she made me promise that I would keep on making the things she taught me to make. I am keeping that promise, and I decided to do that by opening a bakery of my own. I learned of a great commercial kitchen to rent, then I found out where to get commercial equipment financing in Toronto so that I could get all of the things I needed to put in the rented kitchen. It didn’t happen overnight, but it was not that hard to do either because I was so determined.

A lot of people think that their grandparents are special, but not everyone has the close bond that I did with my grandmother. As a single mom taking care of 4 children, my mom sometimes needed a break. So, she would send me and my siblings to go stay with my grandmother during our summer breaks from school. My Grandma loved every moment of our visit every summer. Grandma and I were especially close because I am the oldest child and because I shared her love for making great tasting baked goods.

I had just graduated from college when I learned my grandma had cancer and only had 4 months to live. I got really lucky because she learned of this right before summer break, so I got to spend those last weeks with her before I lost her for good. When I got home again, I found a really good job, and I saved every penny that I made. I put this money aside to pay the rental money for the kitchen I am renting, and that money will cover 2 years of rent. Since I have also worked hard to build my credit, I will have no problem getting a loan for all of the equipment that I need as well. I am going to name my bakery after the woman who taught me everything I know about baking.