Sisters do not really talk about their styles or looks, and I don’t think they talk much about issues they may have with their body parts. My sister and I are close, but we never had much conversation about how we perceive our looks. Then I discovered my sister was trying a couple of different best breast enhancement creams. I knew then that she thought about herself in much the same way that I do. We both inherited the genes of small breasts that run in our family, and we both wanted to do something about it.

The women in our family have resorted to different methods to increase their bust sizes. We have several relatives who have had implants. Others use undergarments to lift and enhance. At least that is how the brassieres are advertised. We have an aunt who uses these funny looking silicone things that she stuffs into her bra on the outside of each breast toward the bottom. They push up and in to create artificial cleavage. My sister and I are not ones to want surgery, so I can see why she wanted to try the best breast enhancement creams first.

I am planning to ask her if she has noticed any improvement. I do not know how long she has been using the products. Maybe she has hit on something that works. I am just not sure how to approach her about it. I was looking for her eyeliner to use when I found the creams. She did not have them out where just anyone could see them. I am working up the nerve to ask her about it. If it is working, I want to buy some for myself to use. If guys only knew what women go through when it comes to their looks.