As the human resources director at my company, I have been given the task of helping organize our annual employee appreciation dinner and party. This is an event that everybody enjoys and looks forward to all year. Each year we try to make it more fun and exciting than the previous one. We are always looking for the most spectacular corporate event entertainment available. The planning committee has found a new entertainment company that has many different avenues we can explore to show our employees how valuable they are to us.

I have been doing a bit of research on this new company and am putting together a proposal to present at our next meeting. After browsing their website I realized that there were a lot more entertainment options out there than I ever thought possible. There were a couple ideas that really stood out to me. I liked the idea of having a magician performing during dinner and having a casino night after dinner. We could also have a caricaturist draw caricatures on the spot. Another novel idea is an interactive game show that each person can participate in while sitting at their table. They also have some team building exercises that might be worth looking further into.

I know this company will provide an unforgettable night for every person in attendance and will also leave a lasting impression. Hopefully, at our next committee meeting, everybody will be in agreeance that this company has everything we are looking for and we can move forward with booking them. Now we just have to narrow down the options that we think the employees will enjoy the most. Maybe we can make a list of possible acts and let the employees help us decide. I think they would all like having a say so in the planning of their party.