I’ve been having the best time doing clay pigeon shooting in Bristol over the last month. I first went with a friend who suggested checking it out with him. I enjoyed shooting so much that I just had to come back. It’s pretty much taken over all of the other hobbies in my life. I used to be into video games and woodworking, but I haven’t had much time for that since shooting. Although I like those hobbies, the feeling of hitting a clay pigeon just can’t be topped by them.

I’ve meet some cool people at the shooting area. Many people have been coming there for years to practice, but there are also many who come there for the first time, like I did. You can tell who is coming for the first time by the way they walk, look around the shooting area, and when they take their first shot. The novices are a little unsure of themselves, which is understandable since they’ve never shot before. I didn’t know what I was doing when I started shooting, and I was worried about missing or making some kind of drastic mistake that would result in injury.

Once I gained a clear mind and realized that I would be fine, I was able to shoot clearly and focus. I would walk into the shooting area like I was the best person there, even though I really wasn’t. Over time, you can see the evolution of people as they become better shooters. The ones that keep coming back will eventually change their stance, their breathing, and even their gaze. The people who work at the shooting area do a good job of teaching people how to get into the spirit of shooting and turn them into skilled shooters.

clay pigeon shooting in bristol