My brother has been working on the social media accounts of several politicians that are starting to try to run for office in two years. He said that he knew that they were going to have to get more people to follow them. The people he is working for are lucky because he knows exactly what to do like buy instagram followers that will follow your account and like your pictures so that other people will see them liking the account. When people look at what their friend’s activities are online, they will see if they can to determine if they should also like the same posts or accounts. I think that people want to fit in with their friends and social groups, and they will like certain posts if they think that their friends or family will see their activity and determine how it suits their personal agenda.

My brother was telling me that when people like a post, it gets the post higher up on the feed, and will allow more people to see it when they log into their app. I did not think of this, but I have noticed that my social media ads are geared towards things that I like or they are related to things that I may have looked up in my search browser. It kind of can be scary if you think about how much your computer knows about you. If someone went to look at your personal information on your feed then they would be able to tell a lot about things that you like or look up. If you accidentally look something up online, then it may become part of the system that will gear ads towards you and that could get somewhat awkward if someone else sees it by mistake.