My husband worked his way up in his company until he was the second in command. This was not something that happened overnight, so he can appreciate that climb up the ladder that most every worker wants to experience. However, he ended up having to use a Bristol recruitment agency when he needed to hire a high level executive rather than promote from within like he had been. This was not because he did not want to give anyone else the same chances he had been given, but rather that he knew that none of the people applying for the in house promotion were good candidates for what needed to be handled in the job that was created.

He knew that he had a fine team underneath him, but the simple truth is that none of them had the educational requirements or the experience to handle the job duties. Rather than promote and see someone potentially fail, he explained to all four candidates that other jobs would be available in the future for them. Everyone understood, and he felt much better about using a recruitment agency to fill the much sought after position.

He already knew which recruitment agency he was going to use. I had similar needs not long ago, and Skilling Gate got me the absolute perfect person for a position that needed filled. This was not an easy task either because the requirements were extremely specific, and very few people could fill this position. They were up to the task though, and they found me the right person. So, my husband used this recruitment agency too. They gave him several candidates, all of whom were well qualified. He actually had the other four candidates meet the person too because they would be working closely with him too. They all agreed on one person because of his personality, and they are now part of a dream team that most companies can only dream for.