Out of the blue my wife and I were hit with anxiety and depression. We had been through a particularly hard time with close family a few months prior. We got through it, but the downside was that the harm came out in depression and severe anxiety a few months later. We were having a hard time keeping our jobs and doing everything else we needed to get done. A professional who was helping us through our issues suggested we hire a part time helper in Singapore to help around the house.

It surprised us to see how affordable the service was. The helper was way more than just a helper. The bright personality cheered us both up. Getting the housework done each day also boosted our moods. Unless you are going through it, you might not realize how hard it is to get even the dishes and the laundry done. It was no walk in the park going through the healing process of clinical anxiety and depression. The help around the house really made things go a lot more smoothly. We stopped running ourselves ragged, and we began to slow down a bit and take some time for ourselves.

My wife and I went back to hobbies we used to enjoy, and we spent real quality time together. The extra help made a huge difference on our recovery. If we would have just let things spiral downward without forcing ourselves to get the help we could manage to get going, I don’t know what would have happened. It got pretty bad, and it took everything we had just to get to work every day. Our household duties were backing up, we hardly ever opened the mail, and we had no social life whatsoever. Things are looking up now. We don’t feel as bad as we used to.