One thing parents do is try to make the future lives of their children better than what the parents experienced growing up. I grew up poor and so did my wife. My parents were quite old when I came along. My dad retired from work before I was 10. My wife’s parents were still working when I met her in my 20s. My wife and I struggled to get by day to day. We wanted to improve the potential of our children to provide for themselves even more. We provided Singapore physics tuition at the first sign of them struggling. It is funny how they both had trouble with the same class only a year apart from one another.

They both had the same teacher for the same grade level. I really thought that it might be the teacher not being able to effectively convey the needed information to the students in a way that they would get it. That can happen. Some students can be reached by a teacher’s style of teaching while others languish not being able to keep up. The Singapore physics tuition instructor is a personality that can really capture and hold the attention of his students. I think he makes it fun to learn difficult subjects so that the students can improve their grades. Both of our children jumped up two full grades after being tutored by this outgoing dynamic physics tutor. My wife and I were really impressed and recommend him to other parents who have children struggling with physics classes.

I had a math teacher that was not helpful to me when I was struggling in school. Instead of taking extra time to teach me, he just told me how to work formulas to pass tests. That did not fit with my learning style of needing to know how things work and why. I did not get tutoring and did miserable in math classes from then on out.