We have had my dog for many years, and he is starting to show signs of slowing down. His joints aren’t the same, and he limps when he overextends himself. I noticed that when my dad’s younger dog comes over, he is limping more because he is trying to keep up with the younger dog. I went to go buy a new dog food that would be good for a dog of his age so I looked online for an Iams senior dog food review that might tell me what other people think of the dog food. I wanted to read what people saw in their dog, whether it be some kind of change in their behavior or if it upset their stomach. My dog has a very sensitive stomach, which is usual with his type of breed and every time I find someone who also has the same type of dog as I do, they also tell me that their dog has special food because it is so sensitive.

I do not want to keep my dog alive if he is going to be in pain, and I know it would be really hard for me to realize that it would be almost non humane. I wanted to make sure that my husband knew that there were going to be some type of special foods available for senior dogs and I wanted him to make sure that he was going to pay attention to the type of food that we got. We had to get the same brand for a very long time and I am afraid that since this brand does not have a senior type of food, that we will have to go slow on changing him over to his new dog food. I hope that it works well for the poor thing.