My husband broke his arm at work a few weeks ago. He is not the type to sit around and mope about it. He hit his physical therapy sessions hard, and he took a desk job at work so he could still bring in an income. He was limited in certain things though, even though he tried to challenge a few of them. He always takes amazing care of his car, and I knew that it was bothering him that he could not clean it properly. I had heard about mobile auto detailing in Indianapolis and decided to look into this.

I knew that he would need the final say no matter how much I would want to surprise him with this kind of gift. He is so particular about his cars, and he thinks that no one can clean them as well as he can. I know I cannot, but I had a feeling that these professional detailers would be able to do it just fine. I looked at the website and liked what I saw but like I said, it was not up to me. I showed my husband, fully prepared to do a small battle with him over it.

Instead, he was extremely happy with everything that he saw. He could tell by the detail just in the package descriptions that these detailers knew just what they were doing. I was happy to make the appointment for him, and I even told him to not look over their shoulders while they worked. If they did not do a good job, then we would not use them again. The opposite proved to be true though. They did such a great job detailing the inside and outside of the car that he said they earned themselves the job of doing it every month, even after his arm is completely healed.